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Daylight Saving a Diversionary Stunt

Posted by Jim on April 16, 2010

The Bligh Government has used the daylight saving issue to divert people’s attention from privatisation as the closing dates for tenders for the sale of our forests and the railways loom, according to Jim McDonald.

Dr McDonald is the Queensland Greens candidate for the federal Wide Bay electorate.

The introduction of daylight saving as an issue by independent Peter Wellington, Member for Nicklin, is perfect timing if the Premier wanted people to think about something else other than privatisation, he said.

The Premier knows that her privatisation plans will affect the federal vote. Selling off the forests to foreign interests and the railways to coal interests might lie under State jurisdiction,” he said, “But the sales have national implications.

Too much of Australia’s resources and infrastructure are going under the hammer to foreign interests and Australians are getting fed up with Governments making it too easy to sell off the farm to overseas companies and individuals.

I find it interesting that the Premier is using the online social networking tool, Twitter, and inviting people in the regions to let people know what they think about the daylight saving question.

Why,” he asked, “Did she not do the same for selling off publicly owned assets? It seems to me that, while people certainly have strong opinions about daylight saving, privatisation is a more important issue on which Government MPs might consult with their electorate.”

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