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Moy Pocket an explosive issue

Posted by Jim on August 27, 2010

Wide Bay Greens have thrown their weight in behind protests over the proposed large scale explosives facility planned for the Sunshine Coast Quarry location.

Just as we have in Kin Kin,  we have inadequate roads.  The Moy Pocket situation already has high volume heavy haulage traffic that renders a tourist route along Eumundi-Kenilworth Road dangerous, and dangerous too, for school bus traffic.  The situation is worse on Moy Pocket Road where the quarry is located because the road is narrower than Eumundi-Kenilworth Road.

We have concerns which others have raised regarding the integrity of the habitat on Kenilworth Bluff and maintaining the visual heritage of the bluff.  We note that the quarry owner has previously not applied for government permits to clear remnant forest, and the then manager threatened to bulldoze extensive areas of forested land the company owned on Kenilworth Bluff. “and turn this into the biggest eyesore you’ve ever seen”.

As a regular user of the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road, it seems to me that it would be a planning absurdity for the Gympie Regional Council to approve the development of a large explosives magazine adjacent to the Sunshine Coast Quarry.

The reasons why access along Eumundi-Kenilworth Road and Moy Pocket Road is problematic for the forecast transportation of explosives are:

  • Eumundi-Kenilworth Road is a tourist road;
  • Eumundi-Kenilworth Road is a school bus route;
  • Eumundi-Kenilworth Road already has high volume heavy haulage traffic;
  • Moy Pocket Road between the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road junction and the quarry includes a single lane bridge;
  • Moy Pocket Road between the Eumundi-Kenilworth Road junction and the quarry is narrower than Eumundi-Kenilworth Road;
  • Moy Pocket Road is a school bus route;
  • There is a school bus route that turns on and off Moy Pocket Road near the quarry;
  • Moy Pocket Road north of the quarry is sub-standard.

The Eumundi-Kenilworth Road is already busy with 40 tonne trucks carting loads of aggregate.  And this road is a tourist route.  Eumundi-Kenilworth Road is the major access road from the Bruce Highway and the Sunshine Coast, which the quarry services.  This is evidenced by the heavy haulage traffic on this road from the quarry.

There is at least one junction which is a school bus route where buses turn off and into Moy Pocket Road [fig. 1]:

Fig 1: Moy Pocket Gap Road at Moy Pocket Road intersection. Photo: JimMcDonald

Vision from the Moy Pocket Gap intersection is not clear to the left, where fully laden trucks from the quarry pass [fig. 2]:

Fig 2: View to left at intersection of Moy Pocket Gap Road and Moy Pocket Road. Traffic from the quarry comes from the left. Photo Jim McDonald

There are a number of crests along Moy Pocket Road, which add to the risk element on the route as figure 3 illustrates:

Fig 3. Crest on Moy Pocket Road. Photo Jim McDonald

This crest lies to the north of the quarry, which trucks also use, but there are also crests to the south of the quarry.  These road conditions constitute a high level risk for existing traffic let alone trucks hauling explosives.  To the north of the quarry, the road is sub-standard for heavy truck haulage and it is in poor condition [figure 4]:

Fig. 4: Poor condition of Moy Pocket Road to north of quarry. Photo Jim McDonald

Trucks also haul aggregate from the quarry along this section of Moy Pocket Road.  All of these features of the potential routes through acreage and farming areas suggest that there are unacceptable risk factors involved in the introduction of a large scale bulk storage facility for explosives that are brought into the region.
In conclusion, in addition to the points raised above, we believe there are inadequate protections for residents and travellers along the routes in the following respects:

  • high haulage traffic;
  • danger spots especially on Moy Pocket Road;
  • poor condition of Moy Pocket Road north of the quarry;
  • lack of protection for habitat on Kenilworth Bluff and consequent effect on flora and fauna;
  • the raised risk of locating a large explosives magazine adjacent to a quarry where there is blasting and which residents report as a high lightning strike area;
  • residents are on acreage and farms.

Jim McDonald, Greens Spokesperson, Wide Bay electorate, 27 August 2010

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