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The future of Australia’s food production?

Posted by Jim on October 11, 2010

We have raised the imperative for the Mary Valley to be turned into a model food production zone.  We have seen this regional contribution to a national food security strategy as an essential component of population and climate change policy.  Instead, the region faces large scale coalmining as the State Government has given the go-ahead for coal exploration.  If the mining industry gets its way, the first coal mine will commence next year a couple of kilometres from the town of Aldershot, just outside Maryborough, to be followed by Munna Creek and Tiaro.  Now, Tiaro Coal Limited has announced they are about to start exploration drilling in the Wolvi district.

This is not just a regional or a state issue.  It is a matter of the national interest.  That interest is the preservation of farming land, community health, and the minimisation of the region’s contribution to global carbon production.  Coal mining in the region and the associated development of coal-seam gas exploitation at Munna Creek fail the national interest on each of these criteria.

While the Foreign Investment Review Board allows companies fully or partly owned by foreign governments to buy up land for foreign food security strategies and the NSW Government allows coal mines in part ownership by foreign-government companies to dig up some of the best farming country in the world, our governments are selling out our national interests.

The following video on the Liverpool Plains depicts the incredible proposition that country such as the Darling Downs and the Mary Valley should be ruined by mining interests with the blessings of government.

Jim McDonald, Greens Spokesperson, Wide Bay electorate, 10 October 2010

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