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Truss’s legacy for Wide Bay – high unemployment and low growth

Posted by admin on June 27, 2013


The Greens Candidate for Wide Bay, Joy Ringrose, has challenged long-time sitting federal member for Wide Bay, Warren Truss, to work to improve the economy of Wide Bay or stand aside for a more capable representative.

“It is increasing unacceptable that Wide Bay’s populace continues to suffer from high unemployment and low economic growth.

“Truss and the federal ALP government have sold us short by sitting on their hands while manufacturing relocates offshore thereby reducing the number of apprenticeships on offer.

“Since the eighties employment in manufacturing has dropped from 22% to less than 8%, from the time that the Coalition and the ALP started going along with the multinational Free Trade Agenda. Our government has to stop allowing jobs to go offshore and to start actively supporting current and new manufacturing enterprises.

“It is outrageous that Warren Truss supports big mining companies bringing in 457 visa holders, overseas workers who are non-unionised and cheaper to employ, rather than to give mining jobs to Australians.

“Warren Truss has also supported the decision of the Labor Party to slash single parent payments by up to $120.00 per week pushed our most vulnerable parents and children onto Newstart and into into poverty.

“Newstart is now set at 40% below the poverty line, further punishing people whose jobs have gone offshore.

The Greens are campaigning to lift the Newstart allowance by $50 per week and give a top-up of $40/week to single parents.

Ms Ringrose concluded “Australia can afford to do this by properly implementing the Mining Tax to ensure a fair distribution of our common wealth.”

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