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Fairer, Cheaper, Cleaner: Fixing Australia’s energy network

Posted by admin on May 25, 2013

Clean solar

The Australian Greens will establish a new federal government agency that will lower electricity bills, save energy and cut the pollution driving global warming.

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said the Energy Savings Agency will make Australia’s energy system fairer, cheaper and cleaner.

“The Federal and State Governments have failed to prevent unnecessary spending on new electricity poles and wires,” Senator Milne said.

“Make no mistake, several state governments want to maximise profit from their electricity assets. Selling less electricity is not in their interest which is why reform of the energy market is too slow and why intervention is vital.

“Nearly a quarter of all our electricity bills pay for the cost of installing infrastructure that we have built to supply electricity for just 40 hours a year during peak demand periods.

“For every $100 of your electricity bill, $51 is for poles and wires and, of course, householders receive no compensation. Only $9 is due to carbon pricing and low to medium income households are compensated for that.

“For all Tony Abbott’s rhetoric about carbon pricing he can’t hide the reality that the cost of poles and wires has led to escalating power prices and it is time he and Julia Gillard got behind the Green’s scheme.

“Last year, the Prime Minister promised to end over investment in poles and wires and forecast savings of $250 a year for every Australian household, but so far she’s been all talk, no action.

“We need an independent agency to provide information, analysis, advocacy and financial support to help remove the barriers to cheaper and cleaner energy options.”

The Energy Savings Agency will have three priorities:

• Driving down power bills by achieving $1 billion in energy savings. This will be achieved by negotiating targets and providing $400 million per year for five years in incentives to urgently reduce energy demand during peak periods;

• Paying Australians fairly for the clean energy they produce – more than one million Australians have installed solar panels on their homes and businesses and they deserve a fair price for the electricity they produce. The Energy Savings Agency will recommend minimum fair prices that electricity retailers will be compelled to pay..

• Designing a National Energy Efficiency Scheme, expanding three state-based schemes to save energy and money at home and at work.

Senator Milne said the proposal has been costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and will cost $405 million to run each year.

“This is a major investment in Australia’s clean, green future,” Senator Milne said.

“The Greens care about people and the environment which is why we need the Energy Savings Agency to help ease the pressure on Australians, reduce the pollution that is driving global warming and ensure Australians get a decent price for investing in solar energy.

“The Greens are the only party that is coming up with innovative ideas to help Australians live a fairer, cheaper and cleaner future.”

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‘Skeptic’ versus Realists view of global warming

Posted by admin on April 24, 2013

Escalator_450Average of NASA GISS, NOAA NCDC, and HadCRUT4 monthly global surface temperature anomalies from January 1970 through November 2012 (green) with linear trends applied to the timeframes Jan ’70 – Oct ’77, Apr ’77 – Dec ’86, Sep ’87 – Nov ’96, Jun ’97 – Dec ’02, and Nov ’02 – Nov ’12.

Read full article here

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Abbott should abandon axing carbon price in face of climate commission report

Posted by admin on March 4, 2013

Action against climate change

With the Climate Commission report out today clearly linking climate change and the increasing intensity of extreme weather events like floods, bushfires and cyclones, it’s time for both the Liberal and Labor parties to ramp up efforts to address climate change.

“It is incumbent on all politicians, especially those in the Coalition, to stop talking of extreme weathers as one-offs and admit that a hotter, warmer world is here to stay.” Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne said today.

“It should now be clear to everyone that with $6 billion being spent since 2010 in Queensland alone on cleaning up after the floods it has never been more obvious that Sir Nicholas Stern was right when he said that the cost of not acting on climate change far outweighs the cost of acting.

“It is far cheaper to reduce emissions than to try to adapt as the climate becomes more extreme and unpredictable.

“Tony Abbott has a total sham of a policy on climate change that will not even achieve the 5 per cent reduction in emission and it cannot be scaled up. He must now abandon his pledge to tear down the carbon price or face his children and grandchildren and explain to them why he’s not prepared to act in the narrow window of opportunity to remain under two degrees warming.

“It is also time for the Prime Minister to save the National Climate Adaptation Research Facility which interprets the climate models to tell communities what the impacts of climate change on their region and infrastructure could be.”

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Noosa Greens Candidate

Posted by Jim on March 19, 2012

Catch up with Noosa Greens Candidate Jim McDonald and read what he says on various election topics.

Jim mcDonald

Jim has been activiely campaigning to get some decent representation of Noosa into the parliament


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Standing up for the Noosa Biosphere means standing up for the Sandy Straits Biosphere

Posted by Jim on January 17, 2012

Noosa will need a strong, articulate presence on all issues in the State Parliament in the next few years if its present status as an example to the rest of Australia of balance between sustainable development and environmental protection, and the principles of the Noosa Biosphere, is to be maintained.

The international status of the Noosa Biosphere is at threat when the LNP and Labor are silent about the destruction of biosphere principals in Noosa’s companion region, the Great Sandy Biosphere. Labor encourages coal mining and gas extraction in Noosa’s adjacent Biosphere while the LNP MPs in Noosa, Gympie and the Federal Electorate [Wide Bay] sit back silently supporting coal and gas in the Mary Valley and along the reaches of the Mary River.

The same coal resources that are found along the Mary River, and are to be developed by Tiaro Coal, extend down into the Sunshine Coast. Already exploratory drilling has occurred at Wolvi, just to the north of the Noosa Biosphere boundary

If Government and Opposition representatives cannot open their mouths against coalmining and coal seam gas [CSG] in and about our region, how can they be trusted on the Noosa Biosphere? The LNP will say anything on policies and then protect their real policy positions with back door clauses.

The LNP and Labor are no better than each other in sharing policies on CSG to encourage and provide infrastructure to the CSG extraction industry when all around the world governments are imposing moratoriums to study the blatantly obvious negative impacts on the resources farmers and householders use.

The sitting member and the out-of-town Labor candidate are in no position to stand up and protect Noosa’s hard won environmental heritage, which provides the platform for so many tourist jobs in Noosa and the hinterland, because their parties have determined to support the industries which will do most to destroy what the Biosphere stands for.

Jim McDonald
Greens Candidate

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Senator Larissa Waters’ first speech in the Senate

Posted by Jim on September 11, 2011

A link to Senator Larissa Waters’ maiden speech in the Senate is now included on this website.

Senator Waters’ speech epitomised what The Greens stand for: the strong links between family, a sustainable future, the commitment to the environment, and the contribution to community through social justice, a renewable energy economy, and protection of our resources.

Jim McDonald & Larissa Waters

Senator Larissa Waters with Wide bay Greens Candidate, Jim McDonald, during the 2010 Federal Election campaign

We welcome the Senator’s contributions to making Australia a better place, not only now but for our grandchildren and future generations.

She will make a difference – we all can.

Jim McDonald, Greens Spokesperson, Wide Bay Federal Electorate, 11 September 2011

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An open letter to Drew Hutton facing court for trying to protect our land

Posted by Jim on August 22, 2011

Good luck on Thursday, Drew.

There is no doubt about the immorality of CSG extraction and coalmining on productive land and in people’s homes, but the laws are not geared towards what is best for Australia’s food security, nor what is best for the aquifers and the Great Artesian Basin, nor for the atmosphere as methane leaks, nor for the destruction of family lives and the peace of communities. On these grounds alone you have an absolute reasonable excuse.

The work you have done for the farmers and communities of the Darling Downs is sowing seeds across the country sustained by your’s and the farmers’ courage to stand up against multi-nationals and Australian companies out for a fast buck whatever the damage they do.

Drew, you should be proud of what you have achieved for all of us in bringing the pernicious industrialisation of our land and its resources to the public consciousness. I am!

Jim McDonald
Wide Bay Greens Spokesperson

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Australia’s poor emissions record

Posted by Jim on July 11, 2011

Letter to the editor, Sydney Morning Herald:

Your coverage on global emissions (SMH 9/7/11) highlights Australia’s percentage of the total world emissions (1.5%). What it fails to do is to compare our emissions with countries that emit a similar percentage. Australia’s population is 35% of France’s, 37% of the UK and Italy, 44% of South Africa and South Korea, 48% of Spain’s and 9.5% of Indonesia’s, yet shares the same percentage of the world’s emissions as each of these countries. These figures put Australia’s poor record on emissions into a context that requires a serious programme of emission reduction. I hope the carbon tax accelerates the moral obligation on all polluters to improve on this national disgrace.

Jim McDonald, Noosa Greens Candidate, 9 July 2011
Published Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 2011

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Bob Brown’s budget reply

Posted by Jim on May 14, 2011

Bob Brown’s budget reply can be viewed directly below:

Jim McDonald Greens Spokesperson Wide Bay, 14 May 2011

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Even Alan Jones gets it: coal and CSG are bad for our country

Posted by Jim on April 24, 2011

We have been concerned about this for some time.

Even Alan Jones gets it.

State and Federal Governments, Labor and the LNP don’t: failure to protect our farmland will kill off agriculture and the environment.

Click on the mike to hear Alan Jones’ podcast:

Jim McDonald, Greens spokesperson Wide Bay electorate, 24 April 2011

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