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Young voters urged to enrol without delay

Posted by Jim on May 25, 2010

Young voters who will turn 18 before the end of the year should enrol with the Australian Electoral Commission as soon as possible to ensure they get a vote in the 2010 Federal Election.  However, while 17 year olds can enrol, they are not eligible to vote until they turn 18.

The Greens candidate for Wide Bay, Dr Jim McDonald, said that he was afraid that many new voters would put off enrolling because no-one except the Prime Minister had a clue when he was going to call an election.  And it would be easy to miss out.

“I would encourage all young people who are 17 years old and whose 18th birthday is before the end of the year to enrol early.”

Dr McDonald said the electoral rolls will close only three days after an election is called and a writ issued.

This limitation was introduced by the Howard Government and it has been left there by the Rudd Government.

“The provision makes it easy for the youngest voters to miss out,” he said.

Voters can find enrolment forms through the following outlets:

  • Any Post Office or Australia Post outlet;
  • Medicare;
  • Centrelink;
  • Australian Taxation Office outlets;
  • The Australian Electoral Office in Telstra House [Arcade], 277-281 Adelaide St., MARYBOROUGH QLD 4650.  There are no other electoral offices in Gympie or Noosa.  However, you can pick up an electoral form in Nambour at the Australian Electoral Office, Commonwealth Government Centre, cnr Maud & Currie Sts., NAMBOUR QLD 4560
  • Download a form from or
  • Ring: 13 23 26 to order a form.

If you are a new young voter and you are both 17 years old and an Australian citizen, you may enrol before your 18th birthday, but you are not entitled to vote until you turn 18.

If your 18th birthday falls between the announcement of the election [that is, date of the writ] and polling day and you have not already applied for provisional enrolment, you have until the close of rolls 3 days after the election is called to apply for enrolment. After that, you will not be able to vote in the 2010 election.

So the window for enrolling is a small one.

You should check the information required on the enrolment form to ensure you have satisfied all the requirements and/or visit the Australian Electoral Commission web page for further information.

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