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Patient trips show need for real hospital reform

Posted by Jim on June 23, 2010

The fact that Maryborough patients have to travel to Maryborough for dialysis treatment is indicative of the need for real reform of the hospital system in the Wide bay Electorate according to the Greens candidate for Wide Bay, Dr Jim McDonald.

“Dialysis patients often need more than one session a week and travelling up and down the Bruce Highway for treatment is appalling, especially when patients requiring dialysis are feeling unwell.

“The neglect of health is also felt in the west of the electorate. Cancer patients in towns like Murgon and Goomeri have to take a return journey of up to 500 kilometres to Toowoomba for some cancer treatments and tests. That is not a system that is designed for patients.

“Free transport offered dialysis patients by the Queensland Minister for Health is not the central issue. Patient well-being is what it should be about and long, arduous trips for treatment or tests fail that criterion.

“Hospital and clinical resources in the whole of the Wide Bay electorate are poorly organised and it amounts to Government neglect of public patients.”

Dr McDonald said that the Rudd Government’s so-called health reforms must address the question of access to health services.

“Patients need reform rather than rhetoric. Real reform will drive an upgrade of Maryborough and Gympie hospitals to improve services across the electorate.

“Pressure on one hospital is a pressure on all the hospitals in our region. With population growth pushing up from the Sunshine Coast into Gympie, the situation will escalate.

“Communities need to have confidence that the smaller hospitals are not under any threat and expansion of services in the larger hospitals should reduce the need for trips to Brisbane except in cases of the highest medical emergency.”

“Real reform will address the present inequality of health service delivery in our region compared with the metropolitan area.

“But when Mr Rudd travelled to regional Queensland with health hand-outs, he ignored the electorate. Wide Bay is not a marginal Labor seat.

Media Release: 22 June 2010; letter published, Gympie Times, 23 June 2010

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Wide Bay electorate misses out on cancer centres

Posted by Jim on April 10, 2010

The Queensland Greens candidate for Wide Bay, Dr Jim McDonald, said that patients in the Wide Bay electorate have missed out on improvements to regional cancer services announced on Friday by Prime Minister Rudd.

“Nothing in Mr Rudd’s announcements will help those patients in the Wide Bay electorate who still have to travel up to 250km each way for some major cancer services.”

He said it is outrageous that unwell public patients in the west of the electorate have to undertake an arduous four or five hour round trip to access the nuclear medicine facilities at Toowoomba.

“For the most part, Mr Rudd’s announcements will benefit public patients requiring cancer treatment in marginal or Labor electorates, but not in our electorate.

“Where are the improvements needed to service the region at the Maryborough and Gympie hospitals?

People in the west of the Wide Bay electorate worry about losing their existing hospitals.  The fact that Wide Bay missed out on Mr Rudd’s largesse will do nothing to lessen those fears.

“Labor’s announcements are coming hard up against an election this year so Wide Bay voters would understandably be cynical about being left out again.

“The Liberal-National Government failed regional Australians in health for twelve years and the Rudd Labor Government has merely picked at the bones of health policy where it sees the possibility of votes.

People in the Wide Bay electorate aren’t holding their breath to see whether any of the Prime Minister’s argy bargy with State Premiers will actually bring any real benefits to the hospital system in our region.”

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