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Sustainability for Commercial and Recreational Fishing Essential

Posted by Jim on April 5, 2010

The Queensland Greens candidate for Wide Bay, Dr Jim McDonald, welcomed Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s announcement of a review of fishing off the Cooloola Coast and Fraser Island.

He said Mr Garrett seems to be taking a comprehensive approach, but we will be watching to ensure that this doesn’t turn into another half-baked exercise. Local fishery concerns are right to be upset by a succession of reviews because earlier approaches failed to address all the issues.

Dr McDonald said, “It makes sense to ensure that fisheries are maintained at sustainable levels. Responsible elements of the fishing industry support quotas and protection of fish nurseries, so they can prosper into the future. It’s the cowboys who are the problem.”

The Greens have long advocated managing both recreational and commercial fisheries to sustain the population of native freshwater fish and fish in the ocean.

“This means protecting the habitat of fish nurseries in the wild. Marine parks are important for this and the Nationals have supported the Greens in the past on increasing the number of reserves.

“Some recreational fishing groups have habitually misrepresented The Greens’ policy on fishing, alleging that we would ban fishing altogether. That is plainly untrue,” he said, “And I wonder at their motives.

“Only when there is protection of the biodiversity of fish and of their environment can our grandchildren and their grandchildren participate in the joys of fishing. All responsible anglers and the industry would want that.

“If Mr Garrett’s review does not achieve that objective he will have not only failed the fishing industry but consumers and future generations.”

Media Release, 27 March 2010

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