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Top 10 Reasons to Vote Green this Saturday

Posted by Jim on August 19, 2010

1.     The Greens stand up for what’s right, not just what’s easy. Whether it’s protecting the environment, introducing universal dental care, opposing the war in Iraq or advocating for refugees to be treated humanely, the Greens are driven by values, not polls.

2.     It’s the Party everyone’s heading to. The Greens are the third largest political party in Australia, with five national Senators, 21 State MPs and more than 100 local Greens councillors already playing a positive and constructive role across Australia. More than a million Australians voted Green in 2007, and we’re the fastest-growing party in the country.

3.     Break the deadlock in the Senate between the Government and the Opposition. Last time the Government of the day also got control of the Senate, and we got WorkChoices. This weekend, the Opposition could easily win control of the Senate, which would deliver Australians nothing but three years of deadlock. We deserve a Senate that will work for us and deliver strong, sensible action – not just spin.

4.     Provide future generations with clean air, clean water and clean soil. The Greens will tackle climate change by putting a price on carbon for big polluters in the next term of government. It’s time we created new clean energy jobs and started investing in the economy of the future.

5.     Make legislation better. When the Coalition tried to block the stimulus package that kept Australia out of recession, the Greens passed it with added environmental and small business benefits. The Greens will do the same thing to improve the mining super profits tax – to ensure Australians get a fair share of our resources.

6.     The Greens have vision. When Bob Brown first spoke to the Senate about climate change 14 years ago, his Labor and Liberal colleagues actually laughed at him, and now that they finally understand the magnitude of the issue, we’re laughing at their attempts to address it. The Greens are also the only party working to end all forms of legal discrimination against Australians based on sexuality. The Greens focus on what’s right for the next generation, not just the next election cycle.

7.     Not Steve Fielding. The power to scuttle legislation currently rests with Steve Fielding, who refuses to accept the science of climate change and have views out of touch with most Australians.

8.     An environmental party – and much, much more. The Greens stand for much more than just cutting carbon pollution, securing our water supplies and protecting our environment. Think better public schools, more funding for hospitals and fixing our broken mental health system. The Greens also drive great new ideas, like building high-speed rail between Australia’s major cities, which is now gaining momentum but would never have gotten up otherwise.

9.     For a more powerful vote. Another Labor or Liberal candidate will just vote the way they’re told. With the Greens, every vote is a conscience vote. If you’re disappointed with Labor but don’t want Tony Abbott, you can send a powerful message to Julia Gillard. And if your Greens candidate doesn’t win, your vote will simply go to the next candidate of your choice at full value.

10.  Bob Brown. A genuinely decent politician and the most experienced party leader in Parliament.

From  Larissa Waters: Vote 1 for Queensland  in the Senate

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Greens How to Vote Card for Wide Bay

Posted by Jim on August 7, 2010

Click on the following image to access The Greens How to Vote Card for Wide Bay:

Greens How to Vote Card: the voter decides preferences

Jim McDonald, Greens candidate for Wide Bay

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Greens Queensland campaign launch – a photo report

Posted by Jim on July 26, 2010

I attended the Queensland launch of the Greens campaign in a crowded function room at The Summit Restaurant at Mt Coot-tha on Sunday with Campaign Manager Bob Borsellino.  The Green’s candidate for Ryan, Sandra Bayley, also welcomed supporters and members.  She was followed by the Green’s Senate lead candidate Larissa Waters.

Crowd building up at Greens Queensland campaign launch

The launch was welcomed to country by elder, Maroochy, who performed a stunning welcome song.

Maroochy explaining the significance of her welcome song

Bob Brown electrified the room by addressing the issues of the campaign and outlining the contribution to government made by the Greens in the life of the last Parliament.  In a nice reference to the leaders debate, which locked out the Leader of the Greens, he said that in the case of the Labor and Liberal leaders, “three’s a crowd”.  He illustrated the failure of Labor’s environmental policy by referring to Julia Gillard’s summit on the environment as a phonebook strategy towards climate change.

Senator Bob Brown addressing the Launch crowd

He was upbeat about the chances of having Larissa Waters elected as the first Greens Senator from Queensland.  Later I met Bob Brown briefly after his media conference and we talked about coalmines.

Meeting Bob Brown after the launch of the Greens campaign in Queensland

All the candidates present were introduced to the audience and afterwards we posed for a group photo with Larissa Waters and Bob Brown.

Queensland House of Representative candidates pose with Bob Brown and Larissa Waters

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