"Sustainable and prosperous tourism and fishing"
Bron Marsh for Wide Bay
"Safe and sustainable urban communities"
Bron Marsh for Wide Bay
"Productive and prosperous farming communities"
Bron Marsh for Wide Bay


Many of the social problems we have today — crime, discrimination, disease, poverty — could be dramatically improved if we focus on eliminating extreme inequality. The Greens believe that it should be the priority of all governments to alleviate poverty and to extend opportunity to all members of society.

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Sustainable agriculture is fundamental to food security, environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sustainable agriculture cannot be delivered without thriving, resilient rural communities, and farmers and land managers who play a critical role in maintaining healthy landscapes and ecosystem services. Sustainable agriculture cannot be delivered without a skilled workforce and an Australian population that understands and values our food systems.

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The Australian Greens support an economy that sustains the needs of people and nature, now and for future generations. Economic activity should support, rather than deplete the social and natural capital of our world - that is, the natural environment on which we all depend, and the social relationships that make people happy and healthy. These principles apply at all levels of economic activity – local, regional, national and global.

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