Farming and Rural Communities


• I have been working hard to protect our aquifers, surface water and agricultural land from coal mining and unconventional gas extraction. I will continue to protect our foodland and water to protect our food and water security.

• We need improved public transport, and other services, to our rural communities to ensure their viability, and to stop the loss of amenities from rural communities.

• It is Greens policy to provide $87 million to prevent exploitation of farmers by the large supermarket chains, by forming food hubs and funding online distribution, farmers markets and local food co-operatives.

1 in 3 Australians lives outside the capital cities, but Labor, Liberal and the Nationals all ignore the needs of the bush.

Regional Australians are under pressure like never before. Big mining companies are trashing our best land and water, and farmers and food manufacturers are struggling to survive against the rising tide of cheap imported food. People in the bush miss out on access to vital services, but are already feeling the impact of global warming.

The Greens stand with regional Australians for fair access to health, education and telecommunication services, keeping farmers on the land and creating jobs in clean energy.


We have costed plans to boost funding for rural mental health services and regional hospitals, so that your healthcare isn’t decided by your postcode.

We’ll protect regional universities from the Labor-Coalition cuts and boost funding for schools, TAFE and universities.

We’ll connect regional communities to education, healthcare and global markets by defending the NBN against the Liberal National Parties dud slow internet plan – and by keeping the NBN in public hands.

We will strengthen competition law to break the stranglehold of the supermarket duopoly so that growers get a fair price, and we will help farmers and local manufacturers sell direct to the public.

We’ll create jobs by connecting regional clean energy hotspots to the national grid, and stand up against Coalition plans to gut funding for clean energy – a proven regional jobs creator.


Unlike Labor, Liberal and National, Greens stand with farmers and rural communities saying no to coal and gas mining destroying our land and water. We will stop new gas mine approvals and give landholders the right to say no to mining on their land.

We’ll invest in a better biosecurity system to protect Australian farms from pests and diseases, and help people innovate on the land by investing $300 million into agricultural R&D and boosting extension services for farmers.

We’ll protect and promote the iconic places that boost the global brand of our food producers and tourism operators, and we’ll double the number of Indigenous Rangers to care for remote Australia.