Maryborough is located on the Mary River at the northern end of the Wide Bay Electorate with a population of approximately 22,000 (2004).

Maryborough was founded in 1847, proclaimed a municipality in 1861, and became a city in 1905. During the 1800s, the city was a major port of entry to immigrants arriving in Queensland from all parts of the world. Over time the town has been a service town for many industries including gold mining, wool, timber, and sugar.

The Mary River has such a wide mouth that at one stage Maryborough was nominated as possible capital city status before Brisbane.

Tourism plays a significant part in the economy of the city today. Maryborough is the self-styled Heritage City of Queensland and holds heritage markets each Thursday. The city has many preserved 19th and 20th century buildings including the General Post Office and Customs House.

The main industrial company in the city today is EDI Rail, formerly Walkers Limited, a heavy engineering business which has built much of the rolling stock and locomotives for Queensland Rail and in past years was involved in shipbuilding. Income also comes from numerous farming and station prospects in and around the city and fishing industry. The city also has had traditional ties to the timber industry.

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